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Are you struggling with staying on top of your monthly energy bills?

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Are you concerned about climate change and curious how you could help do your bit to help your future generations?

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Solar’s a big investment. But if you know where to look, you can save a lot of money. We give you quotes from top installers in your area, so you can find the perfect one for you.

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We at Saving With Solar are just like you, we pay monthly energy bills just like you, so we have seen both sides of the fence. But Saving With Solar is here to help you make sense of this complicated world.

We know how frustrating it can be when the energy and utility companies are doing nothing, or charging too much money for their services. Going solar will allow you to break away and safeguard your home and monthly expenditure by putting you back in control.

The added bonus is that you will help the environment along the way too!

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See only reputable installers.

Free COVID-friendly surveys and quotes.

No pushy salesmen and no obligation to buy.

 See only reputable installers.


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SaveMoney. This is the big one. Going solar will save the average UK homeowner 71% on their energy bill per year.

Solar’s a good investment for almost every homeowner and can increase your property value by up to 38% (even if you don’t have a huge roof, or you live in a cloudy area).

Be Energy Independent. Stay in control of your bills and protect yourself from rising energy costs.

Get ready for the EV (Electrical Vehicle) boom! Power both your home and EV car for free. You could even get paid for the excess energy you produce!


It used to be, you had to be super-rich to get solar. But not anymore: in the past 10 years, the price of solar panel installation has gone down by 60%. That’s why today, more and more people are going solar.

Maybe someone on your street just put up solar panels. Or maybe you’ve overheard a coworker talk about going solar. They’re saving money on their electricity bill, boosting the value of their home, making themselves “energy independent”, and saving the planet... all in one go.

The average person in the UK can save 71% per year on their electric bill by switching to solar. Find out how much you can save.


Not everyone can get solar. Solar’s not for you if:

You don’t own a home.

You live in a listed building or “protected” area (like an ecological preserve).

You’re unemployed or have bad credit.

You spend less than £35 a month on your electricity bill.

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To qualify for solar, you must be a homeowner in a qualified area, you must be employed, and you must spend at least £35 a month on your electric bill. To find out if you qualify, click here.

The average citizen of the UK saves 71% per year on their electric bill by switching to solar. This can vary depending on a few factors, such as how much energy your family uses, how much space you have on your roof, and how many days of sunshine you get each year — though almost all homeowners will save in the long run by going solar.

Solar is a good investment for most UK homeowners. It boosts the value of their home and saves them money in the long run. By becoming energy independent, you protect yourself against rising energy costs and look toward the future 2030 targets/ inevitable EV boom even if you live in a cloudy area, you can probably save money by going solar.

In the past 10 years, solar technology has improved. It used to be too expensive for ordinary people to afford. But today, costs have dropped by 70%, and solar is actually the cheapest form of energy. That’s why people are flocking to solar: solar can save you money on your electric bill for now and indefinitely.

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